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Bank Closings

Real Estate Bank Closings

Our team is happy to represent you during your real estate transaction. We’re experienced in all areas of Closings and provide detailed attention to each transaction. Your real estate closing will consist of many pieces before you can start moving in. This includes reviewing the title, setting the closing, overseeing the closing, funding requirements, and different kinds of documentation. Our team makes sure all your paperwork is properly drawn up, filed with the County clerk, and copied for your records. We also may help with any title issues.

The closing of title or real estate closing is the meeting where the sale is finalized. Different parties can be involved in this meeting. Normally, this is when a borrower signs loan documents and the seller transfers the deed. This transfers ownership of the property over to the buyer and the seller receives their funds available after Closing. We’re here to make sure your best interests are represented throughout this transaction.

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